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One Hell of a Week
November 5, 2009, 10:23 pm
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In the beginning of her ABC interview, Pop/R&B singer Rihanna Fenty told Diane Sawyer that she went back to then-boyfriend Chris Brown a reported “eight or nine” times, after reports of domestic abuse. “Don’t react off of love. F— love,” Rihanna pleads to girls in her situation. Fentty also adds that she was “embarassing that’s the type of person I fell in love with,” referring to Brown. For more on this watch ABC’s 20/20 on Friday, November 6 at 10pm EST.

In other news, the highly anticipatated movie “This Is It,” starring none other than the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson made a reported 101 million dollars in the U.S., making it not only #1 in the box office, but the number one movie in the world. The movie originally planned to only be in theatres for 2 weeks, has been extended until Thanksgiving (November 26). “This Is It has also broke the record as the #1 selling documentary-concert movie of all time. Yay MJ!! 😀
Finally, Trey-Songz has finally came out with the highly anticipated song, “Invented Sex” off his third album, “Ready.” Watch here, WARNING: VIDEO MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL VIEWERS:

Comment me and tell me what you think of all this


&&I’m Back :D
October 29, 2009, 11:49 pm
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Hey guys, I’m finally back to write something new lol. I wasn’t really writing anything 4 the past 2 weeks, due to family,school and what not. But anyways,

Omarion responded to the people at Boombox about the “devilish” controversy in the music industry. If you haven’t heard already, singer Tiffany Evans spoke out about Rihanna’s song Russian Roulette, saying that the song implies people joining in the worship of the devil. (Although everyone is entitled to believe in what they want in my opinion). Omarion replied in said response: “I don’t personally know Rihanna’s beliefs but I think there’s a very dark and very sinister part of the entertainment business
and I think it’s very visible,” he said. “This is something that a lot of people don’t look at [but for example] Michael Jackson used to be a Jehovah’s Witness and I remember hearing that he wanted to separate from the religion — and this was during the time that he was doing ‘Thriller’ [which ended up being] his biggest album.”

“Fast forward to now,” Omarion continued, “[and] it really made me think that there is a [time as an artist] where there’s going to be a choice. The[entertainment] world [dictates] that you have to be with three or four women, or do this in order to get that [and] I think it’s really interesting. With God and the industry, it’s really dark. The dark side is having to get in, there’s a certain submission you need to have. Just like a gang [initiation], so to speak. You might have to do something against your moral code. I’m not saying that it’s always this way, but when you’re someone that is young and you’re coming up in the industry and you really don’t have a grip on your morals it can be very dark. The game is just about over saturation.

“I don’t know if Rihanna [has fallen victim to those pressures]. I’ve never really heard her speak about it,” he said. “I hope that she doesn’t believe in that stuff and I don’t think that she does, but I don’t know. It’s not just been a Rihanna thing, [there’s has been religious speculation] about a lot of artists.”

Hmm, this sounds interesting. The question is however; is Rihanna wrong for coming out with the song “Russian Roulette”, or do you think that everyone is entitled to their own opinion? Tell me what you think?

Song of the moment
September 11, 2009, 7:50 pm
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This is one of the many songs I think is hot right now