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Trina makes an adoption decision
January 26, 2010, 12:01 am
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It has now been said that Miami-based rapper Trina is looking to adopt a child from Haiti. After the recent 7.0 earthquake which took an estimated one-third of the country’s population, and has also left countless children orphaned. The 32-year rapper said in an interview, “With the current state that Haiti is in right now, I personally feel like donating monetary and physical possessions is an enormous and vast donation; however, I would like to contribute on a higher level for more personal reasons like being ready to raise/nurture a child and by being involved on a day-to-day basis.” Trina also stated that she has family in Haiti, and thought that adopting a child from there would bring them to a better life in the states. Well the question i have for you all is this: Is it a Publicity Stunt? Or is it sincere?


All in a month’s work
January 25, 2010, 2:03 am
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Well I know I’m super late with this report…School = Stress ; which also equals Madness as most people know LOL 😛 ; but anyways here’s the recent news. As I mentioned in the previous post, Haiti’s death toll according to the Haitian government ; has now been confirmed as 150,000. However, it is said that there are several hundred thousand more missing. The Hope for Haiti benefit concert, has now raised over 16 million from the Canada version ; which according to Canadian Prime minister Stephen Harper, the maximum amount they are trying to raise is 50 million dollars (Yay For Canada!) In addition, France has raised 6.8 million by doing their own version of the benefit called ‘Ensemble for Haiti’. The New York and London parts have not yet disclosed the amount they made, but as sources say they have made well over 2 million dollars. It’s good to know that we can still all come together and help others in need.