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Jay-Z vs Lil Mama
September 24, 2009, 5:58 pm
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Hey guys, even though this is probably considered old news, I was listening to Jay-Z’s response about Lil’ Mama “T-Paining” his perfomace with Alicia Keys at the VMA’s, and Lil Mama’s lame excuse of jumping on stage.

Listen to Lil Mama’s apologyhere

And listen to Jay-Z’s responsehere

Question for the Readers:
Do you think Lil Mama was right 2 do what she did? Or do you think Jay-Z was too harsh?


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nah i don’t think he was harsh at all
either you are part of the show or you came to see the show
unless lil mama was part of the show and nobody knew but her
he was right to be upset
i mean if he is at all the rehersals and she is at home sleep
then she jumps up out of no where and wants to perform
please this woman is crazy
and what was he going to do is he a part of the security team
lil mama maybe he should have “chris browned” her right in the eye?
no i think not he was pissed as a fan i was a tad ticked
and it is what it is

Comment by dave

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